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Printer Driver is Unavailable

Добавлено: 05 авг 2022, 04:56
Have you ever encountered a Windows 10 Printer Driver is Unavailable error? If so, then you don't need to worry too much about this topic because you are not alone here. Many users have encountered this problem: hp printer driver is unavailable while trying to print documents from their Windows 10 laptop or desktop and the driver is unavailable printer. Sometimes the driver is unavailable printer hp error occurs when printing a document from a Windows computer.


Добавлено: 05 авг 2022, 15:35
I have some windows computers that need to have printers installed on them. The driver setup from manufacturers website does not install saying it cannot find the printer. I had give it the IP address and hostname and it still said it could not find it. I did a ping on the ip address and it replied OK, and also accessed the web config page on the printer and that worked as well.
Turning the printer on/off never worked, and the issue is not tied to sleep/standby mode.
I get this issue frequently when installing, sometimes the printers are in the same vlan as their users while other times are in different vlans.
Printers manufacturers are Kyochera and HP.

Is there some way I can force the driver to actually find it? I was thinking of something like a static route twards the printer but Im not sure if it would work?
Do you have any advice/tips/suggestions?

Thank you