How to get the Cash App direct deposit?

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How to get the Cash App direct deposit?

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Cash App works like any other mainstream bank as it allows users to receive the paycheck in the bank account via direct deposit. This is one of the great features of the Cash App and makes it popular among users in the United States. Moreover, with the Cash App direct deposit, you can receive various types of payments such as cash app unemployment deposit, interest, cash app tax refund, and so on.

It is true that the direct deposit service is offered by many other payment apps and banks as well. But, the Cash App is the best medium to receive direct deposit payments. I am writing this blog to help you understand all features and this feature and give you a set-up direct deposit on your Cash App account.

How to enable the Cash App direct deposit?

To activate the direct deposit service on Cash App, you need to know the Cash App direct deposit bank name with address. Further, you have to get the account or routing number for your Cash App account.

With all these details you can find your mobile app with ease of mind. Then, what's next, you have to do is share all these details through the Cash App direct deposit form with your employer or payment check issuer to get hassle-free payments directly to your wallet.

Following are the steps you need to take to enable Cash App direct deposit:

Log into your Cash App account.
Now press the "My Cash" tab.
The third step is to tap the "Cash" button.
Now get down to the end of the screen.
On the far bottom side, you will find "Enable Direct Deposit". Select it.
After this, give your consent to the terms and conditions of the Cash App direct deposit.
Next, you will find your Cash App routing number, account number and bank name on the screen. Note it down or copy them.
Now you have to choose the option of "Get Direct Deposit Form".
In this form, fill details about your employer or company name, Cash App bank name, routing number and account number.
Finally, in the end, you need to share the direct deposit form to your employer.

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