QuickBooks Database Server Manager Download & Install

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QuickBooks Database Server Manager Download & Install

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QuickBooks Database Server Manager Download & Install
To download and install QuickBooks Database Server Manager, you need follow these steps:

First, to begin with the procedure you will be using the QuickBooks Desktop installer.
Next, you have to begin the installation wizard on your PC.
Make sure to connect the system to the internet.
Thereafter, click on yes.
Read the terms of the software license agreements carefully which is visible on your PC. Click on choose I accept and then press Next.
You need to click custom or network options.
Apart from this, you can click “I’ll be using QuickBooks Desktop on this PC, and I’ll be storing” option.
In case you want only QuickBooks database manager, you are required to click “I will not be using QuickBooks Desktop” option.
You have to click on yes option and then permit all access.
Add your product number and then license number only if it is required.
Lastly, follow the on-screen guidelines.
With the above steps hope you have understood the process of QuickBooks database server manager download.

How to Set Up QuickBooks Database Server Manager?
After installing QuickBooks Server, you will be following these steps to set up QuickBooks Database server manager:

Step 1: Open the Database Server Manager
1. First, you have to click the start button and then programs.

2. Select the QuickBooks option.

3. Lastly, you will be selecting the QB Database Server Manager choice.

Step 2: Scan the Folder
1. Firstly, open the QuickBooks Database Manager by implementing these steps.

2. Then, you are supposed to click on scan folders.

3. Now, check the QB company files in the folder. In case you are unable to find the file, you have to click to scan the entire disks.

4. Thereafter, you will be clicking on scan.

5. Finally, you are required to open the company files remotely on your PC.

Step 3: Monitor drives
1. First, you will run the monitored drives tab on your computers.

2. You need to checkmark the checkbox. Here, you need to check that you have added only those drives which have your company files.

Step 4: Handle QuickBooks Database Server Manager
1. You will be checking that the server manager is installed on your PC.

2. Now, by opening the Database Server tab, you need to view the real-time status.

Now, let’s go ahead and know how to update QuickBooks database server manager.

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