how to Resolve QuickBooks Error 6000?

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how to Resolve QuickBooks Error 6000?

Сообщение Michaeltaylor12 » 05 авг 2020, 15:52

How to Resolve QuickBooks Error Code 6000?
In case you are opening the file locally
This indicates that you are opening a file that is stored on the same device wherein QuickBooks software is set up.

Solution 1: Rename the .ND and .TLG files
The .ND and .TLG files are part of your QuickBooks files. These are configuration files that authorize QuickBooks to run a company file in a network or multi-user environment.

In case these files are corrupted or damaged, you will bump into these errors when you open your QuickBooks files. Renaming these files will not let you lose your QuickBooks data. These files are automatically re-built while you rescan using the QuickBooks Database Server Manager and while you open your company file.

Open the folder that has your company file.
Look for the files with the same file name as your company files but with extensions.ND and.TLG.
Right-click on every file and choose Rename. Add the word OLD at the end of every file name.
Example: company_file.qbw.nd.OL

Open QuickBooks again and prepare to sign in to your company file. If the same issue occurs, proceed to the next solution.
Solution 2: Open a sample company file
As soon as you open a sample company file, you will examine if the problem lies with your company file or the QuickBooks application. In case a sample company file does not open and gives the error code back, it means that the QuickBooks set up has been damaged and needs a quick repair.

Step 1: In the No Company Open window, choose to Open a Sample File and click any from the list of sample company files.
Step 2: If the sample file opens, proceed to the next solution. If the sample file returns the same error message, repair your QuickBooks installation files.

Solution 3: Copy the QuickBooks file on the Desktop
As you copy the file on the desktop and open it, you examine if there is an issue with the location of the company file. In case the file opens when it is stored on the desktop, it indicates that the location is damaged or it is “too deep,” it exceeded the file system path limitation. If the file still did not open after changing its location, it is possible the file is damaged.

Open the folder that has your company file.
Look for the file with the extension of.QBW.
Right-click on the file, then choose Copy. Visit Desktop, right-click anywhere on the desktop, then choose Paste.
When holding down the control key, open QuickBooks so you are directed to the No Company Open window.
Choose Open or restore an existing company. Navigate to the desktop and find the company file you copied and open.
Visit us at QuickBooks online support for more.

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