How to Use QuickBooks Clean Install Tool?

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How to Use QuickBooks Clean Install Tool?

Сообщение Michaeltaylor12 » 06 авг 2020, 11:10

Steps to Use QuickBooks Clean Install tool
Follow these instructions to use QuickBooks clean Install tool:

Step1: Un-Install QuickBooks Desktop
Firstly, you need to press Windows+R keys to open RUN command.
Secondly, you have to click control panel and then press OK.
Thirdly, you need to click program and Features option.
Now, open programs list, then click QuickBooks and uninstall.
You need to follow the online instructions to complete the procedure.
Step 2: Rename the ‘Folders of Installation’
Now, you need to rename the folders. Besides, you can also rename the QuickBooks installation folders manually.

Download and Run the QB Clean Install tool
First, you need to download QuickBooks Clean Install Tool and save it on your PC.
Now, you need to open QuickBooks clean install exe.
Next, you have to click I Accept that is composed on license agreement.
You need to click QuickBooks desktop version and then continue.
You have to click OK in case you get a message saying QuickBooks is prepared to complete a clean install and you can install this to the default index.
Manually Rename QuickBooks Desktop Installation Folders
You need to rename the folders. With this, you need to rename the folder location. Also, add old at the end of the folder name.

If you get the error message saying that the access denied while renaming the folders

Follow these steps to get rid of the above situation:

Firstly, you need to right-click on the windows task bar and then task manager.
Now, you need to go to the processes tab and click on Image name column header.
Next, you have to select QBDBMgern.exe, QBDBMr.exe., QBCFmonitorservice.exe, qbw32.exe, and then click End.
Lastly, you need to click on yes if you receive a warning message box.
Step 3: Complete the Re-Installation of QuickBooks Desktop
The final step to download and reinstall QuickBooks Desktop .

Hope, you have understood the procedure of clean install QuickBooks with the help of the above-mentioned steps. We expect that after reading this blog, you can easily deal with the company’s file or other related issues of the software in the best possible ways.

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